What are the AL-SECRET® retainers?

Now you have straight teeth and the smile you dreamed about. It’s time to keep this smile forever! After each orthodontic treatment, whether with aligners or braces, the teeth need time to be stabilized in their new final position. The AL-SECRET® retainers are also custom made for your teeth, but they are different from aligners in that they are stronger and more durable. Your ShareSmile doctor will decide the duration of retention needed for your case.

In case of breakage or loss of your AL-SECRET® retainers, you have to contact your AL-SECRET® doctor immediately! It’s advisable to order two sets of AL-SECRET® aligners after treatment completion, so that if one of your retainers is broken or lost, you can still wear the second one until your next retainer order is here.

Teeth whitening

  • Whiten your teeth with AL-SECRET®.
  • Let the sun shine with AL-SECRET®!
  • Ask your doctor about the options of whitening your teeth while straightening them.
  • You can still whiten your teeth even if you don’t have the AL-SECRET® clear aligners or retainers.
  • Your doctor can provide you with your individual AL-SECRET® whitening trays.