Why not ordering your aligners online?

Please just don’t!

Unlike the most of other aligner-companies that were  founded by businessmen, SECRET was founded by a group of dentists and orthodontists after too many years of clinical experience in orthodontics.


Small cavities are hard to detect. SECRET doctor will make sure that you have absolutely no cavities and your gums are healthy prior any orthodontic treatment

For these brands, an oral examination is not necessary for the fabrication of aligners. They only see and need your models to move your teeth.

Periodontal health

The periodontium is the specialized tissues that both surround and support the teeth, maintaining them in the maxillary and mandibular bones. SECRET doctor is trained to check the health of your periodontium regularly at each visit while moving your teeth.

Uncontrolled tooth movements and/or overexpansion of the dental arch might lead to place your teeth in an inappropriate position. At the end, you might get straight teeth, but within the next few years you’ll notice that you have gingival recessions and your teeth are losing the supportive bone surrounding them.

Short/thin roots Impacted teeth and lesions

At your first consultation, one or more, radiographs will be taken for your teeth and jaws. Your SECRET doctor will diagnose, if you have thin or short roots, impacted teeth or lesions that you have to treat prior to your orthodontic treatment. Such thin or short roots will be examined carefully and took into consideration while planning your teeth movements. Thanks to the advanced technology SECRET clear aligners are using, your aligners will be custom made for you, so that they exert a minimum force in order not destroy the roots of your teeth. Your doctor might check the situation of your roots several times during your orthodontic treatment, to make sure that they still in a good condition.

Most of these brands will ask you to take selfies and you just have to send them your ‘’self-made’’ impressions of your teeth. Without the necessary radiographs, aligner companies won’t be able to tell if you have short or thin roots, impacted teeth or even lesions that are needed to be treated prior your orthodontic treatment.

Who is checking your clinical records? Who is planning and making your aligners?

SECRET clear aligners, unlike most of the other brands, have a group of experienced dentists and orthodontists, who will help your well trained doctor to check all of your diagnostic records thoroughly, in order to be able to make the most efficient treatment plan that suits your case. Then your custom made aligners will be tailored to suit your case.

A CAD-technician with no clinical experience, or even further, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is based on algorithms.


In order to avoid any future problems with your teeth and/or TMJ, you have to be able to bite in an appropriate way. Your upper teeth have to be in front of and overlap your lower teeth a little bit, and your back teeth must touch. Therefore it’s essential for every orthodontic treatment, that your doctor confirms the bite alignment, in addition to the teeth alignment!

“All that glitters is not gold”. Many people who made the wrong decision and chose to be treated from these brands, ended up later with straighter teeth, but a malaligned bite, or their back teeth no longer touch.

Aligner fit

Your SECRET doctor will check your aligners every single visit to make sure that they still fit, to prevent any unwanted tooth movements. With SECRET clear aligners, every single millimeter matters!

It’s very easy that some of your teeth will lose the track of movement, especially now you know how are aligners from such brands are made.
Who will check whether your aligners fit?


In order to prevent losing time and money, your SECRET doctor will order a new plan for you, if your aligners won’t fit perfectly on your teeth.

Who will confirm that you might need a new plan?


One of the advantages of SECRET clear aligners is that they can treat even difficult tooth movements. These difficult tooth movements are possible with the help of the SECRET custom made attachments, that are designed for each tooth/movement individually. During your regular aligner’s check up visits, your SECRET doctor will check if your attachments are still in place, and she/he will repair them for you, if they are broken or lost.

Attachments are not available!