SECRET Aligners for teens and children

SECRET: Gentle and Safe Orthodontic Solution for Teens and Children

SECRET clear aligners aren’t just for adults – they’re effective in treating children and teens, too! The advanced technology and knowledge behind Shares mile aligners allow them to achieve even difficult tooth movements while treating teens and children.

In our modern and busy life SECRET Aligners will make the life of your child as well as your life easier, because:

  • No loose brackets or wires sticking out.
  • Less doctor’s visits are needed.
  • No metal in the mouth of your child.
  • Almost invisible.
  • Very easy to clean and to take care of.
  • It’s easier for your child to keep the proper oral hygiene during treatment, in comparison with braces.
  • No dietary restrictions.
  • Very effective, and even more accurate, in treating a wide variety of malocclusions.